Welcome to Saturday’s on Shuffle 2 – The home of your favourite Greatest Hits.

1pm – I Love The 70s

A decade that was truly diverse in its music and fashion. From disco funk to punk and glam rock to pop, we’ll re-live the music and memories in I Love The Seventies.

2pm – A Blast From The Past

A Blast From The Past turns back the clock and revisits the UK Chart from a particular retro year – Can you remember when we used to tune in on a Sunday teatime waiting to find out what was Number one ? –  This time you can relive all the hits without your finger being poised over the Record and Pause buttons of your boombox!

4pm – Soul Saturdays

A blend of Classic Soul, Motown, Funk and Northern Soul Songs.

6pm – Saturday Night At The Movies

We’ve got the best music from the movies, whether it be a James Bond theme, Bryan Adam’s 16-week Chart Smasher or the music that plays when the credits roll …

8pm – Saturday Night Fever

No need to worry about a light up disco floor, just turn up Shuffle 2 and boogie to some great Disco, Funk and Dance Classics.

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