It’s That Time Of Year

It’s That Time Of Year

It’s That Time Of Year

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6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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Nino is a television and radio man who in the eighties was all over our TV screens. You may recognise his face from shows like ‘Splash’ (for children’s ITV), Get Fresh, Mr & Mrs, Give Us A Clue, Who’s Baby? What’s My Line? and many more.

Nino’s radio career began at UBN. He went on to DJ on 208 Radio Luxembourg and later launched such radio stations as Radio West, Galaxy 101, CNFM, Kestrel FM and Exeter FM.

Now in his 40th year presenting radio shows, Nino presents “It’s That Time of Year” show to Shuffle 2 every Sunday from 6pm – Bringing you memories from the current month but in a yesteryear.

Music, comedy and news clips are all part of our nostalgia hits show featuring UK top 40 music.